Metal Alloy Extrusion for Aerospace

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Our Experience

The initial step of our process is understanding what the purpose will be for our work. 

By defining the environment and influences the extruded metal will have to withstand we know exactly how to design the machinery to produce it. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers in-depth expertise. We design our machinery to meet the strict aerospace NDT and AS9100 industry standards.

In-depth Knowledge

In order to offer exceptional machinery to perform exceptional tasks and produce premium quality products we keep ourselves up to date with the latest industry practices and scientific breakthroughs. We learn from everything we do so that we could innovate in quality excellence and manufacturing efficiency. Find out more about our Research & Development.

The Bottom Line

We can help you manufacture high-quality components for the aerospace industry through our premium extrusion presses. We will design and build your extrusion press to handle the metal alloy you need it to, while meeting the aerospace industry standards.

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